BlogNewsHow do we stand with the plan execution? – At first sight!

How do we stand with the plan execution? – At first sight!

The Operator systems development team is proud to announce a new version of the Plant Overview feature that takes your real-time resources overview to a higher level.


Plant Overview is designed to provide a machine’s wide range of KPIs. It provides online monitoring of not only the machine’s work status, but also production operation and scheduled production progress. In one glance we have the full information about the production process performance. The overview gives a wide range of operational benefits, increasing efficiency and aiding responsiveness by quickly identifying and responding to deviations in production and plan.

Operator Plant Overview board delivers:

  • An on-line graphical view of the machine status (stopped, reduced speed, normal speed).
  • Current status and potential issues on the shop-floor e.g. delayed operations, material shortages, tool problems, machine status and breakdowns.
  • An on-line view of production performance on the production work centre station, indicating the possibility of delays to the plan.
  • A detailed view of what is happening on the machine with order number, as well as planned and actual consumed quantities.

Example: On the shop floor Operators screen, it is possible to follow all relevant performance figures. In the example above, line 7 indicates a delay of 6 minutes but the grey colour indicates that it is possible to maintain the overall plan.



The Operator Plant Overview functionality is a part of Manufacturing Intelligence Solution (MIS) provided by Operator Systems. MIS provides reporting and analytical capabilities within the Operator Manufacturing Execution System platform, which manages production, quality, warehousing, maintenance and labour processes. Together, Operator MIS provides visibility of, control over and synchronization across global manufacturing operations. It is a very strong tool to identify the exact amount of production losses and the reasons for it. Furthermore it can be used to measure, document and support LEAN initiatives.

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