BlogNewsIncrease productivity with real time production execution visualisation

Increase productivity with real time production execution visualisation

On most of the plant sites, if anything does not go as expected it is important that the right actions are taken as soon as possible. The Operator solution offers a tool which delivers real time information for everyone who needs it.


We would like to introduce our new Operator Visualisation  Board which delivers all necessary KPI’s for employees per defined time on, for example, big flat screens on the factory floor. It is a ready-to-use module, showing the current status and potential issues on the shop-floor, e.g. when KPI’s doesn’t meet targets, delayed operations, machine status or breakdowns.

The Operator Visualisation Board is a part of the Operator MIS system, which delivers comprehensive real-time visibility and historical reports from the shop-floor. The solution delivers a wide range of pre-configured reports of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) designed especially for production.

Our Visualisation  Board is designed to display one or more KPIs in real time for a chosen period of time and production station (or group). This feature provides the following information:

  • The target and actual average OEE for period of time; along with its basic elements, like Availability, Performance and Quality. Information on the KPIs is available in both numerical and graphical form.
  • Product number which is currently being produced on the station.
  • Actual number of pieces completed on the order currently being produced on the station.
  • The target and actual outsorting rate and the number of outsorted pieces with reason for outsort.
  • Status of the production station with the reason code, reason description and duration if the machine has been stopped due to this reason.
  • The average speed compared to the standard speed defined for this machine and product.

The visualisation board can be setup to switch automatically between periods (shift, week, month, year). For each period it is specified how many seconds it is visible for before switching to the next. When showing KPIs on shift level it can be specified how often this data is refreshed.

The Operator Visualisation Board is the feature that takes your real-time resources overview to a higher level. At a glance we have full information about production process performance. The overview gives a wide-range of operational benefits and increases efficiency and aids responsiveness by quickly identifying and responding to deviations in production and plan.

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