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Action based management

In most production sites, efficiency is crucial. If anything does not go as expected it is important that the right actions are taken as soon as possible. The Operator solution offers the capability to integrate almost all standardized systems and databases.

You can configure our Dynamic Integration module so that the system takes different actions based on an error or an unexpected action. This can be used both as an indicator for actual stops, and also an indicator to show, for instance, an SPC trend that has reached a certain limit, a consequence of which, some action must be taken. In such situations a mail, SMS, pop-up window or even another program can be activated immediately which will ensure this action will be started as soon as possible to minimize the process stop.


The functionality can also be used to automate processes. For instance, if our Factory Overview monitor or OEE figures show that a production order will be delayed, the planning department can be alerted, and they can start making the necessary changes to the production schedule.

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