Operator MES & OEE | Cap Gemini and Operator partners on e-seminar
Operator Systems oferuje rozwiązania do zarządzania produkcją i jej optymalizacji. MES, MOM, OEE, zarządzanie łańcuchami dostaw.
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Cap Gemini and Operator partners on e-seminar

ComputerWorld are organising an e-seminar “Supervision and optimization of production: MES systems for manufacturing” where Cap Gemini and Operator are partnering as speakers.


The e-seminar is focusing on MES-to-date reports on the execution of production enabling real-time to make the right business decisions and allowing to react to problems that arise during the manufacturing process.

Topics discussed during the e-seminar:

  • Typical IT tools and functional modules supporting the operation of the plant World Class Manufacturing and their proper integration
  • Operator MES as the next stage of development companies implemented ERP system
  • Defined areas for improvement in plant production and tangible benefits resulting from the implementation of the MES operator
  • KPI analysis, ways of measuring OEE as an example. Mobile Dashboard.

Read more (in Polish): MES e-seminar

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